Step #2... Save Some Money

Once you've decided on Gig Harbor as your future, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by spending a few hours researching your financial, insurance and construction/design options. Here is a short check-list:

  • Cash or mortgage? Important decision. Talk with a financial planner about the advantages of paying for your new home in cash or obtaining a mortgage and diversifying your funds in other investments.

  • Call banks, mortgage companies, Saving & Loan companies and other lenders to pre-qualify for a loan. Check current interest rates, "points," closing costs and other possible fees among these different institutions. These costs can vary widely. "Pre-qualify" for a loan and you will know exactly how much mortgage money is available to you. Use this morgage calculator as a resource: Calculator

  • Now carefully review those house pictures and room sketches you've clipped. Select those that are at the top of you and your family's "want list." These are the raw materials of your dream when you sit down with an architect and contractor.

  • As soon as you have preliminary blueprints, decide on traffic flow and conveniences through out the house (number and placement of bathrooms, closets, garage size, etc.). Now is a good time to choose interior and exterior colors, types of flooring, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances, placement of phone, electric and cable outlets. Decide now and save yourself from regretted mistakes because of too-hasty decisions. You want your dream home to be something really special.

So do we.  

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